January 10, 2010

the best wedding deal yet!

Saturday was a productive day. We went to the bridal show, Alan tried on tux jackets, we decided on the lines for the wedding (pictures of the tablecloth for the cupcake table is here in pink but the color we will use is the green in the picture against the plate), and we even managed to run a few other errands before our bud Jen from Silverton made it into town. She stayed over so we made dinner.

Anyway, I was trying to explain the idea I had to Alan for our ceremony site. It is in a field so we could pretty much do whatever we wanted. I had found this pictures on a wedding blog (Once Wed I believe) and absolutely loved the idea of using old windows for the ceremony site.

Anyway, we went to our local recycling center and found only used vinyl windows. Not very attractive! I was still hopeful so we headed to Main St in Springfield and decided to go to Ruthie B's first. I love Ruthie B's but I rarely can afford anything that I like in there. They know what something is usually worth so it is difficult to find the deals.

I had noticed some frames with no glass that were quite interesting but the price was out of our budget. I asked if people were willing to negotiate and the lady did check for me but event the negotiated price was still to high. Alan understood what I was getting at and noticed some colored glass windows. We asked about the price on them because there were also out of budget ($50/each). They are quite large and the multi-colored glass is bubbly. The name on them was Ruth so the nice lady at the counter went to ask Ruth about them. Ruth came out and I realized, oh my, this is RUTH of RUTHIE B's! How cool is that!?

Anyway, it turns out she had more of the windows (13 total) and just wanted to get rid of them. She said they could be $20 each. She said we could have time to think about it so Alan and I just talked for a minute before we just smiled and agreed it was a deal we couldn't pass up. We have ceremony decorations!!! Here are some pictures, not great but you can at least see the colored glass a bit. The actual windows we are getting are taller than the ones in the picture and one is a rectangle, the other two are angled like the ones in the picture.

Yeah! Happy wedding stuff!


  1. Yup, a deal indeed. We loaded them up and took them home to the garage this morning. Now we have to decide what color to paint them.

  2. I love the cupcake tablecloth! It is beautiful! Great idea to use windows for the backdrop. I like the colored glass. Pretty cool that they belonged to Ruth of Ruthie B's.