January 6, 2010

Day 10

Do you ever have those days where it turns out you are further behind than when you started? Well that day is today. I went in early and made corn muffins and scones, trying to catch up on my skill checks. The corn muffins had to much tunneling and were a tad overdone, no pass. The scones melted into a pile of goo so I didn't even bother letting them finish cooking. Crude.

By the time we finished with lecture and Chef demoed apple pie filling, the quiche dough and par bake, we didn't even have enough time to finish anything. She stayed late for some of us so we could work more. I managed to get my quiche dough done, par baked, filling done, and then baked it off. I also managed to get my flaky dough in the fridge and my apples are peeled and soaking. I was in the kitchen for 7+ hours and then lecture for 2+. Jeesh. I keep wondering if I am just slow but I am not too bad. I have just as much as everyone checked off.

Anyway, here is a video of the apple pie filling (partial anyway, the battery was dying). Plus pictures of a Chef's pie and my baked quiche. I decided on roasted red peppers and chunks of brie for my quiche filling... :)

Tomorrow is berry pie with a lattice top. I am going in early again to try and get one more thing done.


  1. Those corn muffins passed the Alan test, they were extremely tasty!

  2. Thanks for the video! It was fun to watch. Lovely quiche!