January 22, 2010

Section 2: Advanced Baking

Well, yesterday we received our grades for the first section and a new checklist. We were also reassigned new groups. I am currently at 97.4%!!! Whoohooo!

The new checklist is filled with items and I don't know what a lot of them even are... it does list fortune cookies though. :)

Yesterday we started with our artisan breads. We made fococcia, ciabatta, and today we will make sourdough. I am really excited for the sourdough. Not because I like it but Alan does.

My new group members are Leah and Nathan. Rita is in my group again so that is cool.

Here are pictures of my ciabatta and fococcia.

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  1. Well done! I'm so proud! I'm looking forward to the sourdough for sure!