January 7, 2010

let them eat pie...

The pies are baked! I don't know how I did because they didn't finish in time for check off but today (Thursday) I will find out. Here are pictures of my apple and berry pie with lattice top. The crust bottoms on both pie are from a flaky crust recipe and the top of the apple is the same. The lattice is made from pâte brisée, a mealy dough, recipe. The difference is that when making the flaky, you work the butter into the flour in streaks, larger chunks, and work it less than the mealy dough. The mealy dough is smaller chunks of butter and is less flaky.

I am really excited about both pies. The smell good and look pretty darn good too.

I did go in early today and managed to scale, prep, and bake off more scones. I filled them with golden raisins and tried the convection oven to see if that would help. The oven and a brief refrigeration before baking off helped immensely. The scones were passing.My apple pie filling did work so I didn't have to do that over. My quiche from yesterday passed too. I need to make sure I really tuck in the pâte brisée in the tart tin so that I get those signature ridges though. The quiche was so good that my group and I finished off half of it for dinner! The roasted red peppers and brie were a great combo.

My table mate Rita had come in early too and she rolled out our cannoli dough and put it on forms. I fried them tonight, when some of us stayed late, so tomorrow we can fill them and will get them checked. I cannot say I care much for the flavor of the cannoli but they are very pretty. I will post pictures when they are done.

Feeling a little bit less behind, I am not going in early tomorrow. I know we are going to be making either a chocolate cream pie or a lemon chiffon pie. Not craving chocolate and really wanting to try sheet gelatin, I am going for the lemon chiffon!

Another week is just flying by...


  1. Wow, Misty, I am so impressed by how much you're learning so fast! I wish I could eat everything you're making.

    Also, please contact me! I have to ask you something. Hopefully you have my moravian email addy. In case you don't, I'll send you a message on facebook. I tried to email you, but it was probably an old email addy.

    Congrats on following your dream! I miss you!

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  3. O'BubbaJanuary 08, 2010

    O'Bubba just found your scrumptious blog! O'Bubba likes it!